PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Which Halloween Costume You Should Do (Based on Your Hair Type!)

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Which Halloween Costume You Should Do (Based on Your Hair Type!)

Halloween is such a fun time to get creative with your hair and makeup, especially when it comes to costumes! So many amazing characters have signature hair looks, and it’s important to have the right tools to make those styles possible.

PONY-O hair accessories are the perfect way to make sure your hairstyle lasts all night long without causing damage or headaches. You can dance the night away at your Halloween party without worrying about messing up that hairstyle you spent so much time perfecting!

Continuing with our favorite spooky season trends, here are six of our favorite hairstyle-based Halloween costumes you can recreate with PONY-O, based on your hair type.

Costumes for Thick or Long Hair

If you have long hair and a lot of it, these three costumes will work great for you! They all include signature hair looks that are possible for anyone thanks to PONY-O, and they’ll work especially well for those with plenty of hair to work with.

1. Jasmine

We adore this spirited Disney princess and her thick, layered braid! We interpreted it a little differently with this long and layered ponytail look. You’ll need three PONY-Os, some teal ribbon, and a gold BLING RING to complete this style. You can even go without the ribbon and use teal PONY-Os instead! 

Watch the tutorial here to learn how to recreate it, complete with a butterfly flip in the back.

2. Deer

If you’re one of those people who is ready for the Christmas season on September 1st, you’ll love this cute costume idea! Grab a cozy fur vest, a couple of antlers, and two neutral-color PONY2.0s for a casual costume great for your work dress-up day! The hairstyle is super simple too — just two long rope braids, then tug the twists from top to bottom a little after securing to add volume.

3. Donut!

Not one for the character costumes? How about dressing as your favorite sweet treat instead?

This donut costume is so creative and fun. It’s one of our favorites because of how it uses your hair to create the central piece of the look! 

You’ll need a PONY-O and a BUN BAR for this one, plus a paper plate and a little sprinkles decoration to pin on top. You also could try adding our brand new pearl fan PINZ to look like sprinkles instead!

BUN BARZ make it so easy to create perfect donut buns like this one. You won’t believe how easy recreating this costume is! Check out the tutorial here.

Costumes for Thin or Short Hair

Not all of us have the amount of hair it takes to create those three hairstyles, but don’t worry! We have three more amazing Halloween styles that work great for thin and even short hair.

1. Angel

Create a look that is perfectly angelic like this angel costume. Since it’s a half-up bun, you don’t need very long hair to make it happen using a PONY-O and BUN BAR matching your hair color. Throw on some wings and a soft white dress and you’re ready for trick or treating!

2. Leopard

This may look difficult, but it’s so easy it even worked with very fine kid hair like Hayden’s! Watch the tutorial here to learn how to transform your little girl’s hair into two adorable cat ears that will work for any feline-themed costume. You can even make it a mother-daughter look!

We recommend using PONY2.0s for this one, since they’re thinner and better for putting up sections of hair.

3. Spider

That is one cute spider! Dig into your craft supplies for googly eyes and pipe cleaners to decorate your classic bun. It may look like you need a lot of hair to make such a full and voluminous bun, but BUN BARZ make it so easy to get a big, fluffy bun without a ton of hair! 

Check out the tutorial here to see how BUN BARZ work their magic. If your hair is too short to get all up in the bun, you can do another half-up look just like the Angel costume.

Need More? Here Are Some Bonus Ideas!

If none of these hairstyle-inspired costumes strike your fancy, we have lots of others over on our Instagram and will be sharing more throughout this spooky season! Some other favorites of ours from last year include this Flinstones family and these 12 amazing costume styles.

Even More Hairspiration:

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