PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Our Favorite Halloween Costume Ideas

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Our Favorite Halloween Costume Ideas

Spooky season is officially here, and we couldn’t be more excited! The air is crisp and cool, the pumpkins are out in full force, and it’s time to find the perfect show-stopping costume!

In honor of our favorite holiday, here are our top seven Halloween costume ideas for 2021.

1. Cruella

If you haven’t seen the new Cruella movie, you’re missing out! It’s such a gothic and edgy take on the villainous fashionista, and it’s full of dramatic outfits to take inspiration from for your 2021 Halloween!

We loved this movie-inspired look from makeup artist Nikita, featuring a white XL PONY-O for that classic black-and-white Cruella vibe.

2. Medusa 

For another iconic femme villain look, embrace your inner goddess with a Medusa costume! Hailey Barry Makeup did an amazing Medusa-inspired hair and makeup look for our Halloween contest back in 2019, and she even included a tutorial for recreating the serpentine hairstyle with a few black PONY-Os.

3. Pennywise 

He’s your worst dream come true. He’s everything you ever were afraid of. Nothing says Halloween like the iconic horror movie clown we all know and fear: Pennywise! 

There are rumors of a third film in the works, so now is the perfect time to contribute to the hype and give your friends a dose of that tasty, tasty, beautiful fear. Try out our interpretation of Pennywise with a PONY2.0 for a half-up bubble bun.

4. Ice Cream Sundae 

Remember that one time when we were all isolated inside with nothing to do but eat snacks and binge-watch Netflix? Our go-to guilty pleasure was definitely ice cream — which you can celebrate with this sugary sweet costume!

Grab two of your favorite PONY-Os to get the scoop on this sprinkled look. 

5. Pride Skeleton

Every year, pride seems to get bigger and better! We love supporting the LGBTQ+ community, so we had to throw in a favorite 2021 look that really owns those rainbow vibes!

This skeleton makeup by Nikita is psychedelic and just screams pride! Once again, she’s rocking her go-to white XL PONY-O here.

6. Mermaid 

Our fascination with mermaids has been strong ever since Ariel made her appearance in the ‘90s, so we had to share Quintin Croft’s beautiful aquatic look that took the blue ribbon in our 2019 Halloween contest. 

7. Cat

It’s tough to beat the classics, and with PONY-O you can style your hair into adorable cat-ear space buns for a purr-ific costume! Check out the tutorial above with our gal, Shannon.

Show Us How You’re Wearing PONY-O this Halloween!

We love seeing your creativity, especially when it comes to your hair! Tag us on Instagram sharing your spooky hairstyles so we can celebrate the season with you.

Happy Halloween!

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