PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Meet PONY-O’s Woman of the Month, Olympian Sandi Morris

PONY-O Ponytail Holders: Meet PONY-O’s Woman of the Month, Olympian Sandi Morris

If you follow the Olympics, then you likely know about bombshell, record-holding athlete Sandi Morris already! Sandi is an American pole vaulter who holds several medals and has participated in the last two Olympics. This year, her run was cut short due to an injury. 

We’re so proud of her hard work and dedication to pole vaulting, and we were thrilled when she reached out to us to learn more about PONY-O!

Why Sandi Loves PONY-O

As an athlete with very fine and soft hair, Sandi has always struggled to find a way to keep her hair secure and perky on the runway. She was skeptical at first, but pleasantly surprised and excited when she gave PONY-O a try and realized it would keep her ponytail right and tight without pulling or damaging her hair!

PONY-O is the perfect go-to for exercise and athleticism of any kind, even at an Olympic level! Don’t believe us? See what Sandi herself has to say:

Sandi pole vaulter Olympic Email.mp4 from Nicol Harvie on Vimeo.

Sandi at the 2021 Olympics

At the Tokyo Olympics this year, Sandi was a favorite to win yet another medal in pole vaulting, but her career at this event was tragically short-lived. During the qualifying round, Sandi’s pole broke, causing a rough fall and a hip injury that took her out of the running.

We are so proud of her incredible drive and how she has held her head high despite such an unfortunate outcome. Even after the initial injury, Sandi attempted the runway three more times before accepting that she couldn’t press through the pain.

After leaving the qualifier knowing her career at the 2021 Olympics was over, Sandi said, “I can walk away from today knowing I gave it all I had.” Regardless of the outcome, making it to the Olympics twice in a row is an amazing accomplishment for our favorite pole vaulter!

What’s Sandi Up to Now?

Sandi has been taking some much-deserved time to rest and recover since Tokyo, and we admire her for focusing on the positives and taking care of herself in this season.

These days, Sandi can be found celebrating quality time with her husband, Tyrone Smith, after five years of living long distance. They closed on their dream home last month!

Sandi is hard at work every day healing physically and emotionally from the trauma of her injury, and we enjoy following along on her journey. She had hopes of competing more in the 2021 season, but her hip needs more time before she’s ready to compete again. In Sandi’s own words, “2022, I’m coming for you!”

Thank you for being such an inspiration and never giving up, Sandi. We’re so honored to celebrate you as our Woman of the Month, and can’t wait to see what’s next for you!

Sandi- Olympian review- testimonial from Nicol Harvie on Vimeo.


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